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About Frances Smith & Ceramic Art STudio

Frances Smith is a highly-regarded potter and educator. She operates her teaching studio in the picturesque seaside village of Kiama, located on the South Coast of New South Wales.

Currently, Frances is dedicating her time to preparing works for gallery exhibitions, which has led to a reduction in her regular teaching schedule. However, she plans to offer advanced workshops in practical ceramics later in the year.


Creating Elegance in Clay

Explore the world of Frances Smith’s hand-crafted ceramics, where functionality meets artistic finesse.

Her collection is designed to complement modern home decor with its unique and thoughtful designs.

Each piece crafted by Frances is a celebration of functional art, seamlessly integrating beauty and elegance into everyday life.



The harmony you feel Learning Pottery

“I learned there that opposites, when they are put together in harmony, are a symbol of life itself. Where you always find the opposite of truth, the male and the female, the yin and the yang, you find art.”

Bernard Leach
“Father of British studio pottery”

About Us

Teaching pottery in Kiama - creating ceramic craft and art

We help bring out your personal response to ceramic art.

Our small classes allow master potter Fran Smith to spend time with you individually. She helps you to understand and then master the techniques that are vital to you achieving your creative vision.

Potter makes pottery handmade in the workshop

Our Classes

Join our Kiama ceramic art classes

Four mornings a week, up to six students come to our central Kiama studio on Akuna Street to learn pottery and refine their techniques.

We have five terms a year, each lasting six weeks.
Classes are held on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Monday Morning

Classes last for three hours, and we supply you with everything you need – clay, glazes, wheels and kilns.

Thursday Morning

Come and create something beautiful to use yourself or to share with others.

Friday Morning

Our studio is conveniently located in central Kiama. We have four classes every week over a six week term.

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning classes were created for those who work during the week.

Shop for our ceramic art

Kiama Ceramic Art Studio produces functional pottery and ceramic art for sale and exhibition.

The work can be seen and purchased at Precinct Gallery and Kerry Lowe Gallery.

There are also two online stores: Studio Ceramics, where you can see the studio’s currently available ceramic vessels and the new ClayWeave mixed media works.

Frances Smith’s work is also frequently featured in Crackpot Studio and Gallery exhibitions in Freshwater, Sydney.


Why choose us ?

We understand the joy of creating pottery

Fran’s professional life began as a Graphic Designer. Then she discovered ceramics. She has been practicing ceramics for many years and in 2015 completed an Advanced Diploma in Ceramics.

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