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Japanese style porcelain tea bowls

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Japanese style porcelain tea bowls


These unique hand-made tea bowls have a rustic porcelain slip texture and a soft green glaze.

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About this item:
These Japanese Tea Bowls are made from the finest Cool-Ice porcelain. They have been created with a rustic porcelain slip texture and a soft green glaze inside and out.

All Japanese tea bowls have shapes that are pleasant to hold. Why is this? Traditionally they're held and raised in both hands to touch the lips. When using a tea bowl, you should be aware of how the bowl feels in your hands, aware of the clay's smoothness or texture, and then let your eyes take in the colour and quality of the glazed or unglazed surface.

Tea bowls come in many different shapes, none of them with handles. Shapes are seasonal, too. Low, wide-rimmed bowls are common in summer, when it's OK for tea to cool quickly. Narrow, tall shapes - like these - tend to be used in winter when it's better for the tea to stay warm longer.

95 mm

80 mm

80 mm

100 grams

Cool Ice Porcelain

Techniques & Glazes:
Dipped glaze | Carved


This vessel is handmade and unique. It comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.
Authentic, handmade ceramic vessels can show some variation in colour, shape and texture from piece to piece. Artistic authenticity is our goal rather than identical mechanical reproductions.


Frances Smith is an accomplished Australian ceramic artist and teacher. She is academically trained with degrees and diplomas in graphic design and ceramic arts. Formerly head of design for the Seven Network and working for many TV and production companies, she now lives and works in the beautiful NSW seaside village of Kiama.