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Buy beautiful ceramics from our studio shop

Choose from our wonderful range of studio ceramics for gifts for others or reward yourself with a beautiful designer ceramic vessel for that special place in your home.

Fine Art

Beautiful and unique works by the artist for that special home decoration piece.


Useful ceramics for around the home – often with an interesting twist.


Practical and beautiful tableware with an artistic bent.


Vases for large arrangments or individual flowers.

Our Featured Studio Products

Here are a few of our most recent products.

As well as teaching aspiring ceramic artists, our studio produces a wide range of functional and artistic ceramics for sale. These range from demonstration pieces, created to show the processes involved in creating a ceramic objects, to highly creative ceramic art by our master potter and some of our talented students.

Large Golden Hydrangea Vessel

Hand-illustrated with showy white hydrangeas, this golden vessel can become a centre-piece in your home decor.

This vessel is available from Fern Street Gallery.

Toroidal Blue Infinity Bowl

Though it’s based on the mathematical concept of a “torus”, wait until you hold this marvellous smoothly engaging, double walled dish. It is finished in our studio’s signature “floating blue” glaze.