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Studio clothing

What to bring and what to wear in the studio In the pottery studio, you’ll be making things from wet clay, washing clay from your hands and sometimes using liquid glazes. The chances of getting your clothes soiled are pretty high. However, our studio provides the aprons, towels, gloves, masks and all the tools you […]

Managing Dust

safety first dust in the studio

Studio safety rules – managing dust Clay dust is a health hazard Dust in the pottery studio contains particles of silica which are a health hazard. There are some simple rules to minimise your exposure. RULE 1: “IF IT’S WHITE IT NEEDS A WIPE” RULE 2: NEVER blow dust Minimise dust by constantly wiping down […]

Making Glazes – Theory And Practice

Making Glazes – Theory And Practice How can you save money and give your ceramic art that unique touch? When a wide range of commercial glazes are available for speedy delivery at the click of a button, why would you go through the mess and uncertainty of mixing your own? There are two reasons: cost […]

Designing a studio – part two


My Studio – from drawing board to reality By Frances SmithHow we turned an idea made in a free 3D drawing program into a real studio It’s not completely finished but I’m using my converted garage/studio already and student classes start in February. What a journey! You may remember an earlier blog where we wrote […]

Designing a Pottery Studio

What! Turn Our Garage Into A Pottery Studio? By Peter Smith Planning a conversion of a garage into a ceramics studio needs some careful thought. A two-car garage under a suburban home has to be converted into a small pottery teaching studio that could house 4 – 6 students. It would also be used as […]